1. You must have an Aerofiler subscription that supports Okta integration

  2. Aerofiler Support must have enabled Okta integration for your Account

Supported Features

The following features are supported:

  • SP-initiated SSO


  1. Contact Aerofiler to ensure the prerequisites have been met.

  2. Navigate to Applications and choose Applications from the dropdown:

  1. In the Applications page, select Browse App Catalog:

  1. Search for Aerofiler and then click on it:

  1. Click the Add button:

  1. Enter the URL you use to login to Aerofiler (eg https://acme.aerofiler.com) then click Done:

  1. Click the Sign On tab, and copy the Metadata URL by pressing the Copy button (you will send this to Aerofiler in a following step):

  1. On the same page as above, scroll to the Credentials Details section (at the end) and set the Application username format to Email, then press the Done button:

  1. Send the Metadata URL value copied above to Aerofiler.

  2. Wait for Aerofiler to confirm that SSO has been setup.

  3. Add or Assign users within Okta as per your usual process.


Once Aerofiler notifies you that the setup has been completed, the integration should be ready to be used. You can initiate the login process by either of the following ways:

  1. Enter your domain directly into your browser e.g. acme.aerofiler.com

  2. Initiate login from within your Okta console.

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