Adobe Sign

Aerofiler offers a native connector to Adobe Sign. To set up the integration, go to Settings -> Organization and then click "Integrations":

Next, check "Enable Adobe Sign integration":

If you are not already signed in to Adobe Sign, you will be asked to authenticate:

Adobe Sign will ask you to confirm various access permissions for Aerofiler:

Click "Allow Access" to grant permissions. Aerofiler will then display a confirmation screen:

When you return to the Adobe Sign integration, "Enable Adobe Sign integration" should be checked:

Use Full Window For Signing

By default, Aerofiler will display Adobe Sign within an Aerofiler frame. This allows easier navigation back to Aerofiler after a signature is complete.

For some browsers, displaying a page within a frame is not permitted and you may receive and error message. If that occurs, checking "Use full window for signing" should resolve this by displaying Adobe Sign screens in full rather than within an Aerofiler frame:

Exclude Documents Initiated in Adobe Sign

If you wish documents initiated in Adobe Sign to be automatically filed into Aerofiler, then check this option:

If the option is unchecked, then any documents initiated in Adobe Sign will not be filed into Aerofiler. Only documents sent to Adobe Sign via an Aerofiler workflow will be filed to your contract repository.

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