Auto-validate following approval

Auto-validation following approval determines whether a document is automatically validated after it has been approved. If this is switched off, a further validation is required before the document is flagged as "Validated" in the repository. If this is switched on, then the document is automatically flagged as "Validated" in the repository by the last person who approves.

Daily digest email

When this setting is enabled, Aerofiler will send a daily email to all users who have items in their "To Do" list. The email will provide direct links to the relevant workflow in Aerofiler:

Disable document regeneration in approval workflow

This video demonstrates how to disable document regeneration when metadata changes during an approval workflow:

Flatten PDF before signing

PDFs may still be modifiable, for example with selectable dropdown lists. Some electronic signing providers will perform verification on the modifiable elements and return errors in some circumstances, for example if there is a blank dropdown. With a large document, many errors may need to be manually corrected. If the flatten option is enabled, Aerofiler will convert any modifiable elements to static elements, which generally resolves any errors that would otherwise be detected by electronic signing providers.

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