Azure AD via SAML


  1. You must have an Aerofiler subscription that supports ADFS via SAML integration

  2. Aerofiler Support must have enabled the integration for your Account.


  1. Go to “Azure Active Directory”

  2. Go to "Enterprise Applications"

  3. Click "New Application" (top left)

  4. Client "Create you own application" (top left)

  5. Name the application, eg "Aerofiler SAML"

  6. Click "Integrate any other application you don't find in the gallery (Non-gallery)"

  7. Once the application has been created, assign users and/or groups using "1. Assign users and groups".

  8. Once you have finished assigning your users and/or groups, click "Single sign-on"

  9. Click "SAML"

  10. Copy the following 4 values as indicated and send to Aerofiler:

    1. "App Federation Metadata Url" from section 3 "SAML Certificates"

    2. "Login URL" from section 4 "Set up Aerofiler SAML"

    3. "Azure AD Identifier" from section 4 "Set up Aerofiler SAML"

    4. "Logout URL" from section 4 "Set up Aerofiler SAML"

  11. Aerofiler will generate an XML metadata file to send back to you

  12. Upload the received file by selecting “Upload metadata file”:

  1. Click "Save" (top left) and then "X" (top right) to close "Basic SAML Configuration"

  2. Notify Aerofiler that the setup within your Azure AD environment is complete.

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