Recipient Names

Adobe Sign's default behaviour is to require the sender to provide an email address only, with the recipient specifying their name. If you wish the sender to provide both a name and email address, then both Aerofiler and Adobe Sign need to be configured.

Aerofiler Configuration

Go to Settings -> Organization -> Integrations, open "Adobe Sign" and then check "Require recipient name when sending for signature":

Adobe Sign Configuration

Go to Account -> Send Settings and then check "Allow recipient name to be entered on Send" and click "Save":

The "Make this field mandatory" setting is only applicable if documents are directly sent for signature from Adobe Sign. If this is unchecked, Aerofiler will still require the recipient name.

If you wish to also prevent the recipient from changing their name, click on "Signature Preferences" and then uncheck "Signers can change their name or initials":

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