Importing Data

You can import contract data from a spreadsheet into Aerofiler. To begin, navigate to the "Documents" page and then click Actions -> Import from Excel:

In this example, we have the following file names already uploaded in Aerofiler:

  • saas-agreement.docx

  • services-agreement-supply-to-a-customer.docx

We wish to import the following fields:

  • Counterparty

  • Contract Value

  • Start Date

  • Title

  • Document Type

Prior to the import, this is how the documents appear in Aerofiler:

Here are the values from the spreadsheet import:

After clicking "Import from Excel", drag and drop the spreadsheet into Aerofiler:

Where the column titles in the spreadsheet match those in Aerofiler, mapping is performed automatically:

If the column title are different, you can click the dropdown under "Mapping" to map the spreadsheet column title to the Aerofiler column title

Next, you need to choose a column to use for matching. Typically, matching is done by file name:

After clicking next, Aerofiler will display a preview of the import data:

After clicking "Import", the spreadsheet values will be imported into Aerofiler:

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